The SCANZ Excellence in Science Communication Award

The SCANZ Excellence in Science Communication Award is awarded biennially by the Science Communicators Association of New Zealand to recognise outstanding communication of New Zealand science to a non-scientific audience.

The SCANZ Award will be presented to any individual or team that have undertaken a science communication project and can demonstrate its success. The project can be from any area of science communication, for example, sharing information about a research project or results, building awareness of a scientific topic or concept, engaging a community to undertake a scientific project, or encouraging students to continue study in a scientific field.

The award will be judged on the quality of explanation of scientific concepts, how interest is captured, the relevance to and style of communication for the intended audience and the delivery against identified objectives. In general, the project must have demonstrated that the chosen audience was engaged and gained a better understanding of an aspect of science and/or the role and importance of science in New Zealand or globally.

The entry must include a description of the project and results attained, and may also include a portfolio of communications materials (written or audio visual) to demonstrate delivery of the project.

·         Any New Zealand-based individual SCANZ member or team where one or more individuals are SCANZ members is eligible to enter the awards.

·         The chosen project must have been completed in the 2 years prior to the closing date.

·         A selection committee will assess all entries and determine award recipients based on submitted information only.

·         Awards will be presented at an event to be decided by SCANZ.

·         The winner will receive a cash prize of $1000, plus registration for two people to attend the 2017 SCANZ conference.

Entries should be submitted electronically using the form below by 31 July 2017.


Damian Christie -- Congratulations to Damian Christie, who won the 2017 SCANZ Excellence in Science Communication Award for his hugely popular YouTube series, “Jamie's World on Ice”. Watch the series here

Land Air Water Aotearoa (LAWA) -- Congratulations to LAWA, winner of the 2015 SCANZ Excellence in Science Communication award. LAWA shares scientific data to connect New Zealanders to our environment. Find out more at


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Provide an overview of the project, including the communication challenge or opportunity, the objectives of the project and how the project addressed the individual’s or organisation’s needs.
Provide details of the audience the communication was targeted at, why this audience was chosen and any research undertaken into audience communication preferences.
Provide an overview of how the project was delivered, including details of and reasons for the communications channels and media chosen, key messages, and any challenges faced in delivering the project.
Provide details of how the project was received and measurable results of how the project met the objectives.
Provide a list of work samples included in the portfolio and the channels through which each was disseminated (eg, 1. press release sent to NZ trade and business media, 2. poster displayed at community centres, 3. video hosted on YouTube channel)