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Science Communicators’ Association of New Zealand conference:  Wellington, November 30th, 2018

The 2018 SCANZ conference’s theme is: Diversity and Community

SCANZ 2018 is a place to share our knowledge and experience about this, and importantly, it’s also a place for us to build a better sense of community and a more diverse community.

We’re aiming for more discussion and less formal talking so don’t feel pressured to present. We’d still obviously welcome presentations for any of the three reasons below:

1)   you’re so excited you’ve just got to share what you found

2)   you won’t be able to come/get funding unless you present

3)   your talk will be an amazing conversation starter

Submissions close June 29, 2018.

We welcome submissions on the theme of “Diversity and Community”, and this year, we have two formats:

  • Posters/visual Presentations
  • Flash Presentations (a very short presentation that gets to the point, and, more importantly, invites discussion)

Submission instructions

Please submit your proposal by filling in the form below by 5pm, 29 June 2018

  • Proposals should state the session format e.g. flash presentation, or poster/visual presentation
  • Provide a title + abstract or outline of the session content (100-200 words)  
  • Include a list of all session participants and contact details of the proposal submitter.

Please note:

  • All submissions will be acknowledged within 5 days of receipt.
  • All applicants will be informed if their session proposal is successful or not by 15 July 2018.
  • To ensure the best use of the conference time, we may invite you to present your work in a different format.
  • SCANZ will not cover travel or accommodation costs if your session proposal is accepted.
  • Speakers and session presenters who wish to attend more than solely their session will need to register for the conference.
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