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Pre conference (Thursday 29th of Nov)

Slide design workshop and drop-in workspace with Matt Walters.



Join us at the SCANZ 2018 pre-conference drop-in and workshop space. We are taking an un-conference approach to the drop-in space to allow activities, discussions and networking to take place. We plan to have some Learn How activities and a Show and Tell networking space to enable you to catchup with friends and make new ones.

Learn How (small informal workshops/activities)

  • Learn how to improve your presentation design, with Matt Walters, where you are invited to bring along your current (or past) Powerpoint presentations and gain tips and tricks to improve the design, layout and flow.

Show and Tell

  • Bring along a recent output and share your success plus what you learnt along the way.

Colloquium on Climate Change Communication sponsored by the Deep South Challenge

Thursday, November 29th, 2018, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus

This full day event is designed for people who regularly communicate about climate research or climate change and want to explore new frames, narratives, approaches, angles, tools or concepts. Whether you're a journalist, a researcher, a communications advisor, an activist or a policy-maker, this will be a safe space to share frustrations and opportunities with peers and to workshop new ideas related to the communication of our changing climate and its complexities.

All costs for the event are covered by the Deep South Challenge. A small amount of additional funding is available to enable participation by those who might not otherwise be able to attend.  Should you require additional support, of any kind, please indicate this in the registration.

Please to register your interest in the Colloquium on Climate Communication at: 

To find out more, please email 


Keynotes on Diversity

Merryn McKinnon, Dan Hikuroa + Guest, Chaired by Kate Hannah

Open Forum:

What would you most like to discuss with other SCANZ members?

We want to have open discussions about what we, as a community, care about. To do this, we’d like to hear from you about the topics you’d like to discuss. We’ll facilitate the initial discussion before breaking into groups based on topics we want to discuss.

  • Anyone and everyone can suggest topics for discussion.
  • If you post a topic, you must be willing to turn up to that session to introduce your topic or discussion question.
  • No advance preparation is required -- sessions are informal and collaborative. Bring your experience and uncertainties to share. 
  • The law of two feet -- everyone is encouraged to move freely between sessions at any point once they are underway.
  • If you get a great idea on the day of event, we can add more sessions. Check the whiteboard in main room (or the conference hashtag) for the latest version of the agenda.
  • Two golden rules make for great sessions: 1) Try to keep the conversation moving, progressing and evolving; 2) Ensure everyone gets a chance to speak
  • We encourage groups to take notes to share if appropriate. This can take many forms: sketch notes, whiteboard, an online summary.


Dinner will be at 6:30 at The Bresolin